We provide solutions for the most difficult challenges

GC Promotion has been operating for 15 years. In 2004, we united a group of professionals involved in building management of real estate in Moscow since 1999. Over time, we have started integrated property management, including property and facility management. Then external and integrated project management in construction and reconstruction were added. Also, comprehensive design management and cost management above all have become separate business lines.

GC employs more than 50 specialists, including engineers, designers, cost engineers, business analysts, project managers, construction control specialists, crisis managers. Long-term experience with building life cycle existence allows us to choose correct and effective methods of our clients tasks solutions.

We never give up or shrink from difficulties. Our employees took part in complex and well-known construction projects of our country. The practical experience we have gained over 15 years in various fields of engineering proves that there are no unsolvable problems, and we are able to choose the right solution tools.


  • Design and estimate
    • Design management
    • Cost estimation
    • Value engineering
    • Development of estimate documentation
    • Management of project adjustment and conjugation of design stages and estimates
    • Monitoring the cost of materials and equipment
  • Construction
    • Project management
    • Construction management
    • Approval management
    • Procurement management
    • Cost management
    • Technical supervision
    • Building automation and dispatching of engineering systems
    • HVAC
  • Property management and building operation
    • Commissioning
    • Building management
    • Maintenance of engineering systems
    • Facility management
    • Property management
    • Technical audit of real estate objects
  • Crisis management in construction